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What is it about?


The Ultimate Router Base System gives you more control and increases safety and stability on any handheld routing operation.


It turns your router into the ultimate tool in your shop!


This system helps you produce accurate, precisely-matched curved joinery and dead-centered inlays over a seam easily every time. It’s perfect for any professional or hobbyist woodworker who wants to add new dimensions to their creations simply and safely.  


With this one router base system, complex shapes, circles, curves and inlays can be made quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.  

The extra-large, optimally-sized offset extended router base measures 17-3/4” L x 8-5/8” W x 5/16” D and is made of high-grade anodized aluminum, which is strong and lightweight and eliminates flexing.  


The design adds surface area to your router base for greater stability, safer operation and more controlled cutting. Our high machining tolerance avoids slop or wiggle that is sometimes found between a router base and standard template guides.


The Ultimate Router Base System is the only router base your shop will ever need.


Here's everything you get with The Ultimate Router Base System:

- Router base with large removable center disk that maintains safe and stable cutting when using large-diameter router bits,

- Universal mounting holes to fit most routers, with plenty of room to custom mount your own brand and accessories.  

- Extra thick 5/16” anodized aluminum base that eliminates plate flexing for more accurate and safe cutting.  

- 1" O.D. template guide with extra-large 1-1/2” and 2" removable bushings, to offset a ½” router bit to either side of cutting seam, much like smaller inlay bushing kits. Ours is supersized for larger work like tables and desk tops.  

- ½” parallel drawing disk draws perfectly parallel ½” offset lines from the cutting edge, which aids in precise layout and lets you accurately pre-cut excess material.  This disk also fits into the provided bushings and the set allows you to draw offset parallel lines at ½”, ¾” and 1” from a template edge.

- Centering pin and flat bottom counter sunk mounting holes with over-sized bore lets you align any router to the Ultimate Router Base, perfectly.  

-  Universal mounting holes at the perimeter of the plate lets you make a quick attachment to another surface when creating a temporary router table, or when adding leveling skids or a shim sheet.

- Center and Fence slots for quick and easy custom add-ons like adjustable fences, or use for circle, large radius and oval cutting.  

- The only offset router base that accepts any standard PC 1-3/16” template guide for increased stability and safety.  

What People Are Saying

"After Scott showed us this base while teaching at the Chippendale School of Furniture,

I knew this would be a game changer and help our students work safer, and with more control."

Anselm Frazer, Scotland 


"This will make all my router operations much safer. Plus, the base has so many features all in one. I saw this in action at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking and I pre-ordered it on the spot."

Greg Zjnada, Illinois


"The longer offset gives much, much better router stability when doing edge work."

Fred Grosse, Virginia


"The router is my favorite tool (I have over 50 of them).               I realized that putting all these different options into one base is a great upgrade over the standard base."

- Jeff Krabbenfoft, Iowa, after Scott's AWFS class in Vegas.

Mounting and Centering

Cutting Circles

Shim Sheets and Flushing

Cutting Large Arcs

Straight Cuts and Quick Reduction Cuts

Using the Pin Guides to Profile a Curve

Using the Pin Guides to Self-Center a Mortise

Mounting Non-Conforming Routers

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Can I mount a Bosch 1617 router?

Yes, but you will have to drill mounting holes, which is easy to do. See the video on this page, above: Mounting Non-Conforming Routers

Can I use my own template guides in this base?

Yes, as long as they are standard, THE most common PC 1-3/8 insert types. Ours are  made by the same manufacturer with very high tolerances.   Other brands might have a slight amount of wiggle. 

How can I cut a curved joint?

This system was originally designed for curve joinery. Using the large bushing and a template, you can offset the router bit to either side of the cutting seam. This is clearly explained in Scott Grove's book, Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables published by Schiffer Books. Available at

Beta Tester Reports

Typos on engraving

The metric ruler notes CM (centimeter) and should be MM (millimeter).

The straight edge dimension says 4-15/16" and should be 4-7/16".

Typos on layout card

On the card, the layout holes for PC (porter cable) say B holes and should be A holes.

Features to add

Ruler on the two side fence slots

A couple of extra holes by the handle for quick screwing shim sheets.

Some 1/16" pivot holes for a few standard circle radii.

A box or sturdy container for all the parts for storage.

A referral program.

Thin rubber washer for fence bolts and slightly bevel slot shoulders