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1-1/2” Bushing

1-1/2” Bushing

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Short Overview of The Ultimate Router Base

What People Are Saying

"After Scott showed us this base while teaching at the Chippendale School of Furniture, I knew this would be a game changer and help our students work safer, and with more control."

Anselm Frazer, Scotland

"This will make all my router operations much safer. Plus, the base has so many features all in one. I saw this in action at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking and I pre-ordered it on the spot."

Greg Zjnada, Illinois

"The longer offset gives much, much better router stability when doing edge work."

Fred Grosse, Virginia

"The router is my favorite tool (I have over 50 of them). I realized that putting all these different options into one base is a great upgrade over the standard base."

Jeff Krabbenfoft, Iowa, after Scott's AWFS class in Vegas.

Ultimate Router Base


Can I mount my grandfather’s old router?

Yes, but you will have to drill mounting holes, which is easy to do. See the video on this page, above: Mounting Non-Conforming Routers

Can I use my own template guides in this base?

Yes, as long as they are standard, THE most common PC 1-3/8 insert types. Ours are  made by the same manufacturer with very high tolerances.   Other brands might have a slight amount of wiggle. 

How can I cut a curved joint?

This system was originally designed for curve joinery. Using the large bushing and a template, you can offset the router bit to either side of the cutting seam. This is clearly explained in Scott Grove's book, Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables published by Schiffer Books. Available at

Mounting Hole / Brand Reference

Downloadable Reference Chart - Visit

Disclaimer – During the design
process, I validated the mounting holes with as many manufacturers as I could. Sometimes I used third-party charts, which may not be accurate.

If your router doesn’t fit the mounting holes provided, it is still very easy to drill specific holes to mount it. For a video on how to, see video above.

 Those routers marked with an asterisk (*) are confirmed with first-hand knowledge or direct customer experience.

Please let us know if any of the models
or brands listed do or do not fit, so we can update our chart. Thank you.  

By Hole

A  Hitachi KM12VC

A  Makita  1100,1101

A  Milwaukee 561 -5624

A  *Porter Cable 100, 536, 690-93 series, 890 series,
9602, 7529, 8529, 97529

A  Rigid 2200, 2930

B *Triton MOF001, TRA001

B   Porter Cable   7518

C   Bosch GOF 1600,1700, 400-900

C   Elu OF97, MOF177,131, 96, 98

C  *DeWalt DW621, DW611 plunge, DW618

C    Makita 3600 series                                           

C  Trend T4EL

D   *Festool  OF1400

D     Porter Cable 7518, 7538, 7539 2

E     *Festool  OF 2200 EB

F    Hitachi  M12VE

G   *Bosch 1604, 1617 EVS

G   *Skil  1322, 1323

H    Additional mounting holes for accessories and bench mounting


By Brand

C    Bosch GOF 1600,1700, 400-900

G   Bosch 1604, 1617 EVS

C    DeWalt  DW621, DW611 plunge DW618 plunge

C  Elu OF97, MOF177,131, 96, 98

D Festool  OF1400 EQ

E  Festool  OF 2200 EB

A  Hitachi KM12VC

F   Hitachi M12VE

A   Makita1100,1101

C   Makita 360 series                                                    

A  Milwaukee 5615-5624

B   Porter Cable   7518

A   Porter Cable   100, 536, 690-93 series, 890
series, 9602, 7529, 8529, 97529

D   Porter Cable   7518, 7538, 7539 2

A   Rigid 2200, 2930

G   *Skil  1322, 1323

C    Trend T4EL

B    *TritonMOF001, TRA001

H     Additional mounting holes for accessories and bench mounting