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Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables by Scott Grove

Applying a hardwood edge to an organic or complex curved table can be a challenge. When the curve is a French or serpentine curve, it can be a test in patience and craftsmanship to precisely match up the hardwood to the curved table edge.

Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techinques by Scott Grove

Since ancient Egyptian times, woodworkers have used wood veneer to create amazing, beautiful and long-lasting objects. Veneering in wood offers a craftsperson a wide range of artistic and creative freedom; the varied figures, colored grains and visual shimmering textures of veneers and especially burls offer an aesthetic not found in any other natural material.

Silver Filigree and Accent Inlay – Color

For centuries, filigree wire inlay has been used to accent some of the finest pieces of crafted artistry in the world. It can be found on furniture, weaponry handles, vessels, and more. With a few basic tools and by mastering some simple techniques illustrated in this book, you can use filigree inlay to embellish your work and take it to entirely new level of creativity. Accent inlays using crushed minerals, metal or shell can be added to enhance and punctuate the design, too. This How-To Book is a must-have for beginners through advanced craftspeople who want to add beautiful and unique inlay accents into their work. Enjoy!


Hold Down Clamp

Instantly download these simple, step-by-step plans to build your very own Woodworking Clamp.


Cold Metal Bronze Casting

In less than two hours, you'll discover how to make a custom bronze casting that can put an exquisite, hand-made finishing touch to all your work.

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