Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables by Scott Grove

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Applying a hardwood edge to an organic or complex curved table can be a challenge. When the curve is a French or serpentine curve, it can be a test in patience and craftsmanship to precisely match up the hardwood to the curved table edge.

This easy to understand, well-illustrated and beautifully-photographed book shows you how to apply a hardwood edge and inlay to a curved table top edge.

It demonstrates a simple system that uses a set of large, offset template guides that are installed on a router base; when used properly it accurately matches a hardwood edge to any curve. All sorts of variations and “what-ifs” with odd details and quirky alternatives are covered. 

The process is simply explained with a variety of photos, drawings and renderings to clearly illustrate each step along the way.

It's a must-have reference for every woodworker's library, professional and beginners alike.