Veneer Me Crazy! - #8 Compound Veneering: Waterfall Edge

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Creating a square waterfall edge on a round table can be straightforward. But if you want to add a waterfall to a radius edge, on a round table, then you’ve got a challenge! In this class, internationally-renowned master craftsman Scott Grove continues his Veneer Me Crazy! Series with his first Compound Veneering module that will teach you how to use compound veneering processes to create this type of complex edge.

He’ll demonstrate a compression mold technique which is easy to do using commonly available materials. He’ll also explain how to add an inlay detail that creates a final touch accent on any curved table waterfall edge.

He will use the project featured in Veneer Me Crazy! - #7 Radial Match to illustrate this process.

His wife and co-host, Nancy, helps organize Q&A and provides links in real time, too.

Purchase your ticket to the two+ hour online demo and receive a Zoom link of the recorded version when it's ready. 

Join us for a great time!

You can also purchase the companion book, Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techniques, HERE.