Veneer Me Crazy! - #7 Radial Matching

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Radial matching in veneer can create some of the most stunning sunburst patterns on tables, boxes, drawer fronts, and more. Done correctly, the results are spectacular, but misalignment or poor sequencing mistakes are easy to make, and your efforts can quickly go down the drain.

Scott Grove, internationally-renowned master craftsman, demonstrates how to create perfect radial matches, and clearly explain how to layout, cut, and lay up a veneer radial match, step-by-step. He will cover all the nuances on how to align the grain in a sun burst pattern; determine and calculate the best angle to use to for your veneer; and show various methods of cutting. Scott will also share all sorts of tips and tricks along the way, with plenty of resources, too.

 Join us for a great time!

Purchase the companion book, Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techniques, HERE.