Veneer Me Crazy! - #6 Repairs and Touch Up

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Want to get rid of those white rings in your coffee table? Repair your grandmother's veneered dresser? Fix the ding you just made in your shop? This class is for you! 

In this session, Scott demonstrates how and when to repair and touch up veneer before and after pressing. He'll review dent and chip repair; delamination; and coloring, graining, shading, and blending, as well as how to make a DIY  veneer cloud punch. This class presents must-know skills for all woodworkers, even those working only with hardwood.

His wife and co-host, Nancy, helps organize Q&A and provides links in real time, too.

Purchase your ticket to the (approximately) 3-hour online demo and receive a link of the private recording with resources when it is uploaded, which is scheduled for the end of December. 

Join us for a great time!

Purchase the companion book, Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techniques, HERE.