Veneer Me Crazy! - #10 Inlay with Template Guides

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In this edited and recorded session, Scott Grove, internationally-renowned master craftsman, demonstrates how to quickly and precisely cut and perfectly fit an inlay into a veneer panel using a router with a template guide system, and explains the fundamental principles behind the process. He shows various types and combinations of offset template guides, as well as nuances and pitfalls to avoid while creating a templated inlay.

These techniques are often used to precisely and quickly cut in hardwood bowties or butterflies inlaid over hardwood cracks and checks; for decorative elements in veneer or hardwood; or post veneer pressing inlay motifs. This process can be used to inlay various materials like veneer, hardwood, stone, mother of pearl, and non-ferrous metals like brass.

After purchase, you'll receive a private link to an edited recording that has lots of tips, tricks, and resource links, too. Enjoy!