Holiday Gifts - Snowflake Ornament with Secret Compartment / Online Course

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As featured in the December, 2019 (#29) issue of Woodcraft Magazine, Scott Grove, internationally-renowned master craftsman, will demonstrate how to create a beautiful turned ornament that features a snowflake motif design and magnetized secret compartment, perfect for small gifts or cash.  Scott will show you how to create the form, carve the snowflake, fill it with sparkling mother of pearl, add magnets and flocking to the interior. He’ll have a bunch of tips and tricks, and jigs too. During the live, interactive demonstration, his wife and co-host, Nancy, helps organize Q&A and provides resource links in real time.

Purchase the recording of this dynamic 105-minute  live, interactive demo recorded on Sunday, November 22nd at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Join us for a great time!