Holiday Gifts - Rings / Online Course

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NOTE: The live class was jam-packed with information, and Scott then recorded more video and finish many of the rings he demonstrated during the live event.

Learn how to create a unique inlay ring at the speed of light! Scott Grove, internationally-renowned master craftsman, shows you how to inlay exotic materials like gold leaf, shells, opal, key filings, mother of pearl, and more into a wide variety of ring blanks. He’ll cover basic inlay techniques, compare resin options (CA, epoxy, UV-cure polyester), the sanding and finishing process, and include a bunch of tips and tricks including a DIY compression mandrel. During the live, interactive demonstration, his wife and co-host, Nancy, helps organize Q&A and provides links in real time, too. In the video description you'll see the live Q&A chat with resource links that Scott mentioned during the class.

Purchase your ticket to the recorded three-hour class and learn everything you wanted to know about making inlay rings!


Shelley C. Verified Buyer

"This class allowed me to start making rings right away and without making a lot of mistakes I would not have even known to watch out for on my own. Also, Scott has been great and very quick to answer any and all questions I've had via email. Highly recommend this!"