Multi-axis Triangle Box with Paua Inlay

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How can you turn a triangle-shaped box? You can learn how in a beginner’s class, and you’ll learn how to embellish it with paua shell inlay, too. Watch now through July 31, 2022.

Masters Cindy Drozda and Scott Grove combine their unique skills in this original, five-hour live IRD (Interactive Remote Demonstration) video. You’ll learn how to create a multi-axis triangle box with a beautiful paua inlay using easy-to-replicate techniques by watching the recorded version until July 31, 2022. If you’ve never tried it, here’s your chance! You’ll learn HOW TO:

  • Use an easy multi-axis technique that doesn't require special jigs or equipment.
  • Turn a box with a friction-fit lid.
  • Get a close grain match across the joint.
  • Use jam chucks for a clean look.
  • Inlay a beautiful paua shell accent using a variety of techniques.
  • Make the best resin choices, including UV quick-cure resin.

These two talents know their stuff and will share all sorts of valuable tips and tricks, resources, and plans that make your project and inlay a success. The class will be minimum of three hours, so you can settle in for a fun educational experience, dynamic banter, and a technique-laden ride.

Don’t miss this unique collaboration opportunity to learn from two experts: the variations and creative possibilities are endless!